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Red Faux Viper Sopythana Snake Skin Vinyl

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Image may look different due to setting on computer screen!Beautiful Viper Sopythana Vinyl fabric has a polyester backing. The fabric has beautiful scales, which you can feel it. The fabric has a width of 52".This fabric can be used for boots, headboards, pillows, shoes, purses, clothing accessories, upholstery, crafting, and much more. To clean this vinyl, wipe it with a clothe.

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  • I am looking for Dodge Viper vinyl red don't need Gators or snakeskin just need it plain upholstery for my car would like to buy three yds

    This item can be used for car upholstery

  • Is this a good material (as far as wearability)for car seats?

    Item is great for upholstery purposes. However, the item has scales on then, which you can feel. The comfortablity of the fabric having scales has to be determined by the buyer.

  • Can this product be used for designing garments such as jackets?

    Yes it can!

  • Is this product ordered by the yard? Is is lightweight enough to be used on clothing?

    Yes, all of our items are sold by the yard. This item weighs about 2" per yard and can be used for clothing, but it is mainly used for upholstery and craft purposes. 

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