Pink Marine PVC Tinted Plastic Vinyl Fabric

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The Marine PVC Tinted Plastic Vinyl Fabric is one of the most elegant fabrics on the market. This fabric has a tinted shaded of color, to give the item an elegant look. This item can be used for various purposes. This item is sold by the yard. If more than one yard is purchased, item will come in a continuous piece. For example, if one yards are purchased, you will received a piece containing of 54" x 36" and if two yards are purchased, you will receive a piece containing of 54" x 72", etc.

Width: 54"

Content: 100% Polyurethane

Gauge: 12

Thickness: 0.012"

Uses: Crafting, Raincoats, Outdoor Covers, Purses, Bags, Table Covering, Upholstery, etc.

Care: Wipe with damp clothe.

No Stretch

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  • how thick is your tinted fabric, and is it actually vinyl or something else? What is the actual price per yard, I am not sure , sorry. Thank you for the info, Steven G.

    Hi, this is a 10 gauge tinted plastic vinyl fabric. The price per yard is listed on the item listing page. 

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